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While we utilize much of our specialty equipment in our day to day operations, in order to maintain full utilization of our equipment and allows us to provide our clients with the best window cleaning rates, we offer equipment on a rental basis as well. Our equipment is rented by electrical and fire protection contractors for lighting, security system and smoke alarm installations and maintenance. Painting companies rent lifts when they need reach high areas where scaffold or ladders are not practical. Cleaning companies rent lifts for high dusting and cleaning, which is a service that we also offer. Sign companies utilize our lifts and bucket truck to install or change and maintain signage. Building maintenance staff will rent the lift also to change light bulbs, etc.

Denka 90’ self propelled atrium lift

denka atrium lift rental in Columbus, Ohio

Specialized self propelled Denka Atrium lift with a 91' reach. This battery driven, light weight, maneuverable lift can fit through a regular 36" door and is essential for many jobs, including atriums, churches and shopping malls.

We rent the Denka atrium lift by the day, week or month and is available with or without an operator.  The Denka has been very useful especially in churches, shopping malls, sports facilities, high atriums and in any building with restrictions as to size of door opening, maneuverability and type of flooring.


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Genie 50’ trailer mounted articulated lift

Lift rental- Genie 50 foot trailer mounted articulated lift cleaning windows at Port Columbus International Airport - Columbus, Ohio

Genie 50' trailer mounted articulated lift is easy to tow, simple to control, and reaches up, over, and out. The boom lift is also lightweight, and therefore can be used in areas where a heavier lift cannot be utilized, such as lawns and gymnasium floors.


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55’ Hi-Ranger Bucket Truck

Photo by Richie Diesterheft (username: puroticorico) under common creative license from flickr (photgraph containing windows at Ohio Stadium in Columbus was resized to fit use of this website)

55' Hi-Ranger Bucket Truck is used by our window cleaning professionals to wash windows on condominiums, office buildings, apartment buildings, and other curbside and lot side locations.

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Our Denka 90 foot self propelled atrium lift can be rented and used to clean cathederal ceilings and other locations that are difficult to reach.
Our 55 foot bucket truck being used to clean condominium windows in the Arena District, near the Short North of Columbus, Ohio
bucket lift being used to hand a department store window banner at Macys
credits : CAS building photograph taken in Columbus Ohio by mikesalsbury, other photo by ??? under Creative Commons License