Innovation in window cleaning “back in the day”

This is Ron DeCapio cleaning windows at The Ohio State University Medical Center Dodd Hall.  This picture was taken around 1971.  When Ron ordered this truck from the manufacturer they hadn’t been selling to window washers, and saw a whole new market open up for them.  This really speeded up the window cleaning process for him and anytime you can get out of using ladders it is much safer too.  You can still see our employees on the OSU campus and all over Columbus, Ohio in the same kind of bucket truck, the Hi-Ranger.   We use our truck for many many jobs and it is a rare day when it not out on a job.  We really value our bucket drivers and consider them some of our most important window cleaning employees.

Washing windows 40 years ago - Columbus Ohio's window washers, Globe Window Cleaning, Inc. washing windows at The Ohio State University Medical Center in 1971

Tried & True - Still works for getting the job done right!

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