Globe Window Cleaning helping with the modernization project at Port Columbus Airport!

The completion of a three-year, $80 million terminal renovation and modernization program has upgraded Port Columbus to support the future passenger growth for space, comfort, and convenience. The addition included brand new sections in the ticketing and baggage claim areas for both north and south.
Globe Window Cleaning, Inc. contracted the construction window clean up on the interior as well as exterior glass. These services included parking garages, skylights, curtain walls, stairwells, atriums, partitions, escalators and even the clean-up of “Brushstrokes in Flight”.

Brushstrokes at Port Columbus International Airport construction cleanup was handled by Globe Window Cleaning of Columbus, OH  Port Columbus International Airport window cleaning performed by Columbus Window Cleaners at Globe Window Cleaning

We have all the tools and equipment, with the expert window cleaners to use them. Construction site window cleaning requires specialized knowledge, safety, flexible scheduling, supervision, and equipment. Our professionals know the importance of following schedules, and know how to coordinate and work with other skilled trades, construction management, and safety personnel.

In addition to the construction clean-up, we provide ongoing window cleaning at the airport throughout the year. We are proud of our Port Columbus relationship and the contribution in making a lasting impression with the public!

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