Denka Self Propelled Atrium Lift Featured in The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch featured our 90′ Denka Atrium Lift in an article on January 31st, 2014. Our window cleaners utilize the 91 foot reach of the self propelled atrium lift to clean windows, glass, and other areas which may otherwise be difficult or impossible to access. The self propelled lift, which can fit through a 36″ wide doorway, allows our staff of window washers to quickly and easily maneuver¬† within churches, shopping malls, arenas, and other very high areas where access is restricted.

As part of our dedication to keeping our window cleaning prices down for our clients, we do our best to fully utilize all of our equipment. Therefore during the time that we are not using the Denka Atrium Lift as part of our window cleaning services, we offer the 90′ Denka Lift for rent. While the lift is not difficult to use, we provide lift rental with an operator or for self operation.

Globe Window Cleaning of Columbus, Ohio rents out its 90 foot self propelled Denka atrium lift

Denka Atrium Lift used to clean ceilings at St. Joseph Cathedral downtown, 212 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43215



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